For every problem, there’s got to be a solution – or two. Whatever the situation is, 99 percent of the time, the solution is just there – right in front of us; we’re just not seeing it. Take for instance Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic situation. Every friend and relative you know who drives to work and, most specially, drives from work to endless meetings in the metro, are all victims of traffic snarls. If you check your Facebook or Twitter account on a regular basis, one if not many of your friends or connections have complained about it online. And it’s getting worse by the week.

One word – GOautodial. Let me first give you a proverbial quote as to why.

“Everyone is drowning in oceans of e-mail, text and social media messages. Yet, only a few realize that the grassroots medium of an engaging customer conversation is (still) by way of the Human Voice – using a phone.”

GOautodial is a telephony software that either sits in your office server, or everybody uses the cloud-based version, or web-based version. Either way, it is an app that uses voice calls – the human voice – and manages all those calls simultaneously, based on every business rule you configure it to do.

For example, write-up a list of phone numbers that, when GOautodial receives a call from any of those numbers, that call is tagged as a “VIP call” and must only be routed to a select list of people; probably AVP level and up. Not front liners nor tech support people.

GOautodial begins its predictive dialing mode (see Wikipedia for a thorough description) at the start of the day. The moment sales reps login and are deemed to be idle, GOautodial starts dialing predictively and anyone who answers the call (e.g. prospective customers) is automatically routed – in milliseconds – to the idle sales rep who is most likely in the field. The more sales reps begin to be idle, GOautodial dials more numbers (from its database) so that the idle time of each available sales rep is about a few seconds. Only when the sales rep clicks stop does GOautodial stop passing calls to him or her. That’s telemarketing at its most productive! No need to set up costly cubicles with desktop PCs, headsets, local networks, etc. (imagine a call center room).

How about reminder calls? Because GOautodial is now an omni-channel system, meaning e-mail, chat and SMS are integrated into the system, reminder calls about upcoming pre-scheduled conference calls, invitations, appointments and whole list of other business activities can be automated.

How about “voice blasts”? Instead of text blasting people who hardly reply back, why not use the voice broadcasting feature and begin to announce new promotions, new products or services, or simply remind existing customers of why they should engage with your company reps, again. The neat trick about this kind of voice call is the keypress reply. In that pre-recorded message, ask the recipient of the call to “Press 1” and, based on your business rule, an action is taken by GOautodial. Examples of these actions are logging who pressed “1” which means they are interested (call them back!); who pressed “2” meaning they are busy at the moment but have someone call them back. Or, press “3” means immediately route the call to the next available sales rep because they’ve decided to buy or engage without any further explanation. Can you press “1” in a text message?

Your company is now open 24×7 simply means someone will answer their call morning, noon and nighttime; or they can leave a voicemail which can be forwarded to someone in the next few hours or so. Or hire a home-based temp to answer the call while you sleep. GOautodial is browser-based, which means it is using a website and can be used by anyone in the world, any time of the day. 24×7 can now mean a global approach.

When I wrote in the beginning of this article, “…the solution is just there – right in front of us,” I meant your smart phone. Everyone is holding on dearly to that device, anticipating messages. Yes, you don’t need GOautodial to make and receive one-on-one calls, but managing multiple calls for each person in your organization, always recording each call, logging each call, tagging each call with a description (e.g. type of call), allowing some tapping on the phone to input a few information into GOautodial’s CRM section – these are just some of activities GOautodial does and allows you to do while you’re on the call, and after the call.

So, how does GOautodial solve the unproductive time of people stuck in traffic, everyday?

The first suggestion is not to travel during rush hours. Instead, have your reps make their morning calls in their homes. All they have to do is login to GOautodial by opening a Chrome browser using their smart phones. All calls made and received are logged, recorded, and managed. Make them more productive without the burden of a traffic snarl.

Another suggestion has to do with the habit of a face-to-face meeting. Instead, arrange a conference call with several people at your client’s company, use web-based conferencing tools like Google Hangouts to project your presentation, but call each one of them using GOautodial as the conference call medium. The latter makes a clearer connection because GOautodial is calling their fixed or mobile phone numbers; the only internet you will all be using is the web-based presentation app. The entire conference call is being recorded 100 percent of the time, any dropped call can automatically be reconnected by GOautodial attempting to call that person again while you continue your conference; and so on. Gone are the days of having to set up an expensive conferencing system in one location; instead, everyone uses any internet-capable and call-capable devices, such as a smart phone.

Predictive dialing? Yep, field reps always have a lot of downtime while not engaged in face-to-face meetings and pitches. Let GOautodial pass them some cold calls so that you make productive time of their idle time and hey! It also helps make their quotas, too!

Because of the suggestions written above, practically all meetings and conversations can now be done by a call, and by GOautodial, for your business. Calls involving internal employees are using the web, not a paid landline or mobile phone call. This saves you a lot on cost.

Remember, the human voice relays a message 100x faster than typing or tapping the message on your smart phone or laptop. It also relays empathy and emotion; web-based messaging is totally emotionless. Build trust and confidence – talk to your customers!



There are two versions of using GOautodial – on-premise or cloud.

On-premise simply means the entire GOautodial software is installed in your office server. Everything else is connected to that server – landlines, SIM cards and employee-user accounts. If you are in your office, you can login to GOautodial by simply connecting to your local network, via your office WiFi or a network cable. Otherwise, you use the internet, go to the preset website of your GOautodial app, and login.

The cloud, on the other hand, removes the need for a server. Everyone connects to the internet, enters your company’s preset GOautodial website, and logs-in from there. GOautodial will provide all the phone lines your need, whether a Philippine number or any number in the world.

What’s the difference? On-premise is heavy on the expense in the beginning but operationally cheaper, in the long-term. The cloud version eliminates the expense on the onset but is operationally more expensive compared to on-premise, or a cash-flow model as some say. It’s like buying a car or just leasing (or renting) it.

Whatever version you decide to use, all the features and actions remain the same.



GoAutoDial Inc. is a seven-year old, Philippine-based information technology company that developed and maintains one product – GOautodial, an open-source telephony software that is used by more than 200,000 clients in six of the seven continents. Out of this software is its paid services for the global business community needing IP-based telephony solutions for its voice-based customer contact operations by way of an on-premise, cloud or managed SaaS use.



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