Did I say I like big phones? Those that feel “heavy” and none of that plastic feel? Yeah, this is probably a good big phone and a budget phone that’s more metal finish than, well, meets the eye. It’s like a bigger version of my old Kata i3 that’s also more metal finish than most plastic-like smart phones out there.

It’s also like the big brother of the Kata V5, with almost the same specs except for the upgraded rear camera (from 8 MP to 15 MP), a LED flash for the front camera (Selfies! Selfies! Selfies!), boosted battery to 2600 mHa, 8 ohms speaker (from 6 ohms), upgraded to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and of course, its 5.5-inch display.

And there’s an extra thumb-sized button at the back of the phone (read more!)


Like most Kata smart phones – except the Kata i3 – you have to open the back case of the Kata C3 to install the li-ion battery. As I wrote in my Kata V5 Review, “Li-ion allows for an incredibly high charge capacity relative to the size. It’s the type you want which you don’t need to completely discharge, meaning shorter charger cycles even if the phone is half-charged will not diminish battery life.

By the way, in case you’re the type that keeps using a smart phone for years, the Kata C3 battery only costs P530 – about three Venti Caramel Frappuccinos! I sometimes buy an extra battery, a slim-pack, smaller-than-a-pocket size compared to those big and bulky power banks, right?


I forgot to time the first-time boot up but after going through the basic configuration process before you can actually use the Kata C3, it took about 25 seconds, 5-seconds slower than baby brother Kata V5. LOL! So, yeah… five seconds? No complaint.


I really wished Kata had decided to up the Kata C3 to 4G or LTE but then again, we all know that jump into 4G means a faster processor, more memory and higher-capacity battery because of the high consumption of everything in the phone. So, yeah, the Kata C3 is just a 3G smart phone but I guess that’s okay comparable to everything you’ll need to spend more.



Before I say anything about the front and rear cameras, here’s a nifty little thing the Kata C3 has – a rear button as an alternative to the camera button on the app. Yes, a physical button that you press, that is located at the back casing.

The Kata C3 rear button also acts as the “on switch”. Besides that, nothing else.

So, this “Big Yet Budget Smart Phone” of the Kata C3 went above its usual self by upping the rear camera with 15 Megapixels (MP), while maintaining a low 5 MP on the front camera. They should’ve gone for 8 MP or higher on the front camera. Like, everyone is into selfie shots nowadays.

The rear camera has a LED flash. One thing peculiar though nice with the Kata C3 is they embedded Gorilla Glass on the Lens, which is actually a good idea considering that over time, that glass encasing gets scratched, somehow.

But hey! They added a LED FLASH on the FRONT CAMERA. I had to caps-lock those words because it’s usually what most sub-5,000 Peso phones lack today – flash on the front. Many who knows would download a separate selfie app that provides a little light or shimmer by projecting a thick white shade on the frame of the screen, thus illuminating the face while a selfie shot is made.

I’ll go through the specs of the basic camera app of the Kata C3; but like me and many others, I often download my favorite Android camera app – Open Camera. Gives you a whole lot more settings and filters, especially during dark camera moments.

Anyway, here are three basic camera modes of the Kata C3:

  • Normal;
  • Face beauty;
  • Panorama.

The Kata C3 settings include:

  • GPS location info toggle
  • Exposure (-3 to +3)
  • Color effect (none, mono, sepia, negative, posterize, aqua, blackboard, whiteboard)
  • Screen mode (auto, night, sunset, party, portrait, landscape, night portrait, theater, beach, snow, steady photo, fireworks, sports and candle light)
  • White balance (auto, incandescent, daylight, fluorescent, cloudy, twilight, shade and warm fluorescent)
  • Image properties include sharpness, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast
  • Anti-flicker at four modes: auto, off, 50Hz and 60Hz;
  • Zero shutter delay toggle;
  • Anti-shake toggle;
  • Face detection toggle;
  • Smile shot toggle;
  • Auto scene detection toggle;
  • Self-timer at off, 2-seconds or 10-seconds;
  • Capture number at 40-shots or 99-shots;
  • Picture size from QVGA to 13 Megapixels;
  • Preview size at full screen or standard (4:3);
  • ISO at auto up to 1600;

Like its small brother the Kata V5, the “Face Beauty” mode gives you wrinkle removal, whiten, and shape of face adjustments before the actual click.


The Kata C3 basic video specs of the camera app is the same as the V5, with EIS and microphone toggles, audio mode (normal or meeting), time lapse interval (from 1 to 10 seconds), and video quality (low, medium, high or fine).

Again, a better camera app like Open Camera does more tricks that meets the eye.


The Kata C3 8 GB memory comes filled up with 5 GB, leaving you with a paltry 3 GB of memory left for your photos, videos and additional apps. Aww.  Well, fear not – you can add a Micro-SD card into SIM Slot 2. A 128 GB micro-SD card goes for about P800.00 on Lazada.

There are three Kata video files included worth 124 MB that you can remove, and a few more apps from the total 510 MB.


There’s a miniscule, micro-second lag on the response and user experience of the Kata C3 (I can feel it because I’m gone through lots of phones already), but overall, still a whole lot better than some of the sub-P5,000 phones I’ve tried (which I will not name – Haha!)


In the tradition of unboxing and reviews, here is the table depicting the Kata C3 specs or specifications:



For a big, nice-feel 5.5-inch Android Marshmallow phone with a few extra bells and whistles added, and for only P3,999 retail, I’d shout “BUY!” I can never review durability because we’ll have to wait a couple of years until this thing gives up. Drop test? I leave that up to you! LOL! But in the end, I’d love to keep my Kata C3 as probably my second phone. Who’s first? So far, it’s the Kata M4s.


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Photos by: @theworxpresso @miniphils @raffypekson