If you want to backup, and even sync to your local drive, all your photos, videos, photos and videos you’ve liked, friends’ comments and likes, tags, your friends, your profile, new friends, friends who have stopped following you, albums, status updates, groups, events… okay… I’m getting tired here… you get the drift, right?

Digi.me sprung out of Julian Ranger’s (Chairman of Digi.me) innovation hub iBundle, which he started after setting up his consultancy and investment vehicle J Ranger Limited in 2007. An aeronautical engineer by training, he founded STASYS in 1987, growing it to a business with 230 staff and subsidiaries in USA, Germany, Malaysia and Australia as well as a worldwide reputation in Defence and Air Traffic markets, before selling the business to Lockheed Martin in 2005. He is the creator of STASYS’ iSMART process, which became the de facto standard for military communications interoperability worldwide.

When you install the software, your free account can back up and view four social media accounts. If you want their premium service, you can get a 30-day free trial of it. The Digi.me premium service starts at $7 a year.

Key milestones

  • Started in June 2009 as SocialSafe, launching the first version of the desktop app on PC and Mac;
  • Introduced ‘remember this’ flashbacks in August 2013;
  • Won Le Prix d’Argent in the LeWeb Best Startup Competition, December 2013 from over 700 entrants;
  • Started to be distributed by Fnac in France in July 2013;
  • Hit 100k users in January 2014;
  • Launched Keepsies and Likes, our first iOS apps focused on Instagram in August 2014;
  • Rebranded as digi.me in December 2014;
  • Introduced new ways to interact with data via widgets in October 2015;
  • Launched the Internet of Me initiative (http://internetofme.info/) in December 2015;
  • Launched digi.me iOS app in December 2015;
  • Launched Android app in April 2016;
  • Secured £4.2 million ($6.1 million) Series A funding in a round led by global re-insurer Swiss Re in May 2016;
  • Closed Series A round at £5.3 million ($7 million) with new investment including $1 million from Omidyar Network;


Download your Instagram Account

  • Your Instagram Photos
  • Your Instagram Videos
  • Instagram Photos & Videos you’ve liked
  • Friends’ Comments
  • Friends’ Likes
  • Tags
  • Your Friends
  • Your Followers
  • Your Profile
  • Filters Used
  • See new friends and those that have stopped following you

Download your Facebook Account

  • Your Timeline Profile
  • Your Photos & Albums plus friends’ photos you’ve been tagged in
  • Your Status Updates
  • Your Facebook Groups
  • Your Facebook Events
  • Friends’ Posts on your Wall
  • Links you’ve shared
  • Your Friends’ Comments & Likes on anything you’ve posted
  • Your Friends’ Profile Details where available
  • NOTE: Facebook no longer permits any developers from accessing your Facebook Messages so we can no longer download these to your digi.me Library

Download your Facebook Pages

  • Active Fans (those that have liked or left a comment)
  • Your Page Profile
  • Private Messages with your Fans
  • Photos & Albums
  • Your Status Updates
  • Fans’ Posts on your Wall
  • Shared Links
  • Page Notes
  • Checkins
  • Page Events

Download your Twitter Account

  • Your Profile
  • Your Tweets
  • Your Mentions
  • Tweets you’ve favourited
  • Tweets you’ve Retweeted
  • Direct Messages
  • Photos you’ve tweeted
  • Your Friends’ profiles
  • See new friends and those that have stopped following you

Download your Flickr Account

  • Your photos
  • Your albums
  • Your favs
  • Friends/Followers comments
  • Friends

Download your LinkedIn Account

  • Your Profile
  • Your Education History
  • Your Work

Download your Google+ Account

  • Your Profile
  • Your Public Posts
  • Your +1s
  • Friends’ Comments
  • Friends’ Profiles

Download your Blogs

  • Your Posts
  • Photos & Images posted
  • Your Readers’ Comments (based on your RSS settings)

Download your Pinterest

  • Your Pins
  • Your Comments on your Pins
  • Photos from your Pins

Download your Viadeo Account

  • Your Connections
  • Your Profile
  • Education
  • Work
  • Messages
  • Updates

Download Digi.me Now for Free


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