The quick answer is to install the Alexa Browser extension or plugin, well, into your Firefox or Chrome browser. But let me explain…

Fake news not only are articles or content written to confuse people, they are hoaxes or disinformation made under some propaganda to cover up real news. Most of the time, they come from web sites that have been newly created. Wikipedia reports that many sites originate from Russia, Macedonia, Romania and the U.S. Of course, there’s not a lack of local (Philippine) sites that also publish and share fake news all over the social networking sphere.

Even before Fake News started, I already had my anti-fake news tool installed in my browser as an extension or plugin. One click and I can immediately conclude, without having to Google-search the news item in question, that this is fake.

How? The web site doesn’t have any Alexa ranking.

Consider this web site or blog site you’re reading. I started it just early last month so that I can move all the ICT-related news I love to cover or write about into one site, instead of jumping between my other two sites – and If you check the Alexa ranking of this site, as of 11:44am of February 2nd, Global Alexa Rank = 3,802,651 and Philippine Alexa Rank = 12,765. It only means TechByRaffy is ranked the 12,765th web site among all Philippine-based web sites. It already has a good number of people visiting it and reading the articles I’ve posted. This means people are beginning to trust and share my posts, and have had no complaints (comments) or have not been investigated by the leading social networking sites or the “web police” groups. has been around since July 2009 and has a Global Alexa Rank = 1,676,801 and a Philippine Alexa Rank = 10,297., since May 2009, ranks 1,459,648 and 10,279, respectively; but actually resides in a free subdomain, When you go to, it will automatically redirect you to, and that latter is what is ranked in Alexa.


See the upper-right button with a letter “A”? That’s the Alexa Toolbar. It already has some sort of a horizontal meter telling you how popular the web site you are at. If you click on it, both the Global and Local-Country ranks are displayed, including how many sites are linking or referring to it. has a Global and USA rank of 3, and has more than 8-million sites linking to it. Even if has a Global and USA rank of 1, respectively, it only has 3.3-million sites linking to it. has 5 and 5, respectively., the Chinese ICT equipment manufacturer, has a Global rank of 1,098 and a China rank of 254, which means Huawei’s visitors and readers predominantly come from China.

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